Frantic defamation campaigns against Eritrea

Frantic defamation campaigns against Eritrea have been ramped up in last couple of days. Cases in point: i) Spurious allegation of “Eritrean troop deployment in al-Fashiqa triangle” deliberately floated to create rift between Eritrea and Sudan.
Later versions referred to non-existence of graves as the “remains of the massacred individuals were devoured by hyenas”. In the meantime, footage of Ethiopian TV broadcasts (Fana TV etc), illustrated that St. Mary’s Day was celebrated in serene & normative climate on Nov. 30th.
The same pattern of shifting narratives is discernible in other outrageous accusations levelled against Eritrea for nefarious ends. Game plan is indeed transparent: fabricate and heap all sorts of “incriminating” accusations against Eritrea to resuscitate defunct TPLF clique!