Eritrea : Commemorating 33rd Anniversary Nadew Command

Eritrea is commemorating this week the 33rd Anniversary of the demise of Nadew Command & subsequent liberation of Afabet on 19th March 1988. These historic milestones in the annals of Eritrea’s contemporary history accentuate the following three salient lessons and parameters.

At various junctures of our history and when the chips are down, major global powers and multilateral institutions entrusted with the maintenance of peace and justice, have invariably opted to sacrifice our cause; legality and justice; on the altar of perceived strategic interests.

The tortuous trajectory of the past amplifies the priceless significance of the historic, forward-looking, Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Agreement of 9 July 2018. Regressive forces, bent on scuttling this process, have no objective other than perpetuating history of conflict & mayhem.