12th conference of YPFDJ North America conducted

ypfdj-2016-usa12th conference of the Young People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (YPFDJ) North America was conducted from 2 to 4 September in Washington DC under the theme “Reinforcing Professional and Economic Contribution of the Youth for Sustainable Development and Strengthening International Relations”.

At the conference in which Eritrean youth from the USA, Canada, Europe and Eritrea participated, Ms. Tekea Tesfamicael, Chairperson of the NUEW, Mr. Saleh Ahmedin, Chairman of the NUEYS, as well as heads of the YPFDJ organizations, friends of Eritrea and diplomats attended.

Ms. Tekea Tesfamicael gave extensive briefing on the current political and socio-economic situation in the Homeland as well as on the significance of organizing the youth and its contribution for the success of the national development endeavors.

Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs of the PFDJ, also gave extensive briefing via telephone on the current political and economic situation in the Homeland. He also explained on the significance of the economic and professional contribution of the Eritrean youth residing in the Diaspora in general and the youth in particular. Mr. Yemane further said that preparation is underway to enable the youth participate in the national development programs by strengthening their organizational capacity.

Briefings regarding the activities conducted by the youth to portray the real image of Eritrea and the achievements registered, the challenges encountered and opportunities were presented by different professional citizens.