Mr. President,

Please allow me to express my warm congratulation to you and the other members of the bureau for your elections to steer the work of the Human Rights Council. I wish to assure you of my delegation’s full cooperation and support in the discharge of your responsibilities.

I also wish to express my thanks to all delegations that sent their advance questions, concerns as well as support, as part of the review process of the Universal Periodic Review. Eritrea values all the constructive engagements on the full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

In the preparation of the Second UPR Report broader participation and higher responsibility were ensured. A Steering Committee chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was established. The Committee is composed of representatives from all the relevant line ministries and departments. Civil Society organizations such as the National Unions of Youth and Students, Women, Workers were also represented in the committee.  Additional inputs from the UN Country Team in Eritrea were also accommodated in the report. Several rounds of consultations at both national and sub-national levels were undertaken to draft the report under the guidance of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The key human rights concerns and issues raised during the review revolved around the following:  (I)general recommendations and conventions that require accession or ratification; (ii) gender equality, (iii) female genital mutilation, (iv) domestic and sexual violence against women; v) rights of the child; vi) millennium development goals; vii) poverty eradication; viii) implementation of the Eritrean constitution; ix) establishment of an  independent human rights body; xii) follow up on UPR recommendations and technical assistance; x) detention conditions, torture and involuntary disappearance; xi) the right to life; xii) cooperation with the group on enforced and involuntary disappearance; and xiii) invitation to special procedures of the Human Rights Council. The report before the Council highlights the achievements, best practices, constraints, challenges, and the progress made during the reporting time on the accepted recommendations.UPR 2 Statement Eritrea Final