Preparations for 7th Eri-Youth Festival finalizes

Sawa-Festival-2016-06-26The chairman of the festival coordinating committee, Mr. Osman Abdulkadir disclosed that the preparations for the 7th Eri-Youth Festival has been finalized.

The preparation took five months and would feature educational, sports and cultural programs including the “Soira” award for exemplary youth and youth from the Diaspora who completed grade 12, general knowledge competition, exhibition, innovations as well as other entertainment programs, he further noted. The festival will be held from 15 to 17 July in Sawa.

Mr. Osman also indicated that the all regions will participate in the festival with programs depicting their respective regional resources and the Eritrean youth from the Diaspora portraying their national and social activities.

The chairman reiterated that more than 20 thousand youth are expected to participate at the festival and that all the basic accommodation facilities are put in place.

The Eri-Youth Festival that is conducted every 2 years serves as a platform for Eritrean youth from inside the country and abroad to share experiences and upgrade their innovative and creative skills in addition to reinforcing the national cherished values.