Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia leaders adopted Joint Plan of Action for 2020

“The three leaders adopted Joint Plan of Action for 2020 & beyond focusing on two main & intertwined objectives of consolidating peace, stability & security as well as promoting economic & social development.

They also agreed to bolster joint efforts for effective reg. cooperation, “On the security front, the three leaders formulated a comprehensive plan to combat and neutralize the common threats they face, including terrorism, arms and human trafficking and drugs smuggling “Regarding economic & social development, they agreed to prioritize mobilization of their bountiful human & material resources; build, modernize & interface their infrastructure & develop their productive & service sectors They also expressed their appreciation for & readiness to cooperate with friends & partners, on the basis of mutual respect & mutual benefit. The three leaders agreed to closely consult with their Brothers, Heads of State, for realization of effective Horn of Africa cooperation”