Eid Al Adha Al Mubarek celebrated colorfully

Asmara, 6 November 2011- Eid Al Adha Al Mubarek was celebrated today November 6, 2011 colorfully nationwide.

Following a gathering at the Bahti Meskerem square here in Asmara, the Muslim faith followers led by Sheik Alamin Osman conducted a mass prayer.

Speaking in the occasion Sheik Alamin conveyed holiday’s message to the people of Eritrea in general and the Muslim faith in particular. Senior government officials and diplomats present in the celebration.

Noting that Eid Al Adha carries a special message to the faith to assist each other, Sheik Alamin called on the faith to share whatever they have with the needy, orphans, martyrs’ families and the disabled.

Chairman of the Islamic Awkaf Chamber in Asmara, Mr. Mohammed Seid Beshir on his part indicated that Eid is a special religious event which brings everyone together and expressed his strong belief on the people of Eritrea to further strengthen their unity and build their country as always.