Each Chapter of the Eritrean History has got its Traitors, Who let the Dogs Out?

Zerai Solomon

Enemies of Eritrea fail Miserably in UK London Festival: Being a migrant and living far from your country it is natural to adapt to the host culture, in the UK London especially you are exposed to various cultures. Getting to know other cultures aids us in having a better perceptive and understanding of the world’s society’s values and beliefs, in addition facilitate our viewpoint and approach towards the multicultural society that we live in.

That being said knowing our own culture is what defines us as a person and gives us the place in the multicultural society. When we say we are Eritreans, it gives us such pride and it also means that we have a culture, therefore it is imperative to preserve and transfer our culture to our children if they are to say that they are Eritreans too.

The aim of Eritrean festival that takes place worldwide once a year has a simple aim, that is the transfer of our culture to coming generations, and the exchange of cultures with other communities.

Eritrean festivals from the days of the Eritrean struggle for independence has year after year showed resilience, and has become sophisticated both with content and style ensuring the strong bond and harmony amongst the Eritrean society continues for generations to come. This in the eyes of Eritrea’s enemies is a huge threat denying them sleep; the reason being that they know our strong identity coupled with our culture & unity is a mighty force that will destroy any conspiracy and ploys against the Eritrean people and government.

* They call themselves opposition, but they are paid agents!
* They claim that they are for democracy, yet they dictate on what Eritreans have to do and if no one listens to them they resort to intimidation through blackmail!
* They say that they want justice for Eritreans, yet they assault Eritreans causing Actual Bodily Harm, and vandalise vehicles owned by Eritreans in the cover of dark at the festival!
* They say they are for Human Rights, yet they deny Eritreans of their rights in a foreign country not to attend festivals with their own money, and most of all humiliate innocent children and their families with thuggish slander in public as they enter festival premises!
* They say they are for freedom of speech, yet they are the worst cyber dictatorship the world has ever seen!
* They say that they care for the Eritrean people, yet they work as a tool for the Ethiopian woyane regime that continually commits atrocious crimes against the people of Eritrea and the people of the Horn of Africa!
* Most of all what amazes me is that they repeatedly tried to blackmail the famous singer Kahsay Berhe through endless campaigns even as far as trying to get him stripped off his residency permit in the UK but failed miserably. At the center of all this murky cheap lies wasting the UK tax payers resource was Amanuel Eyasus assenna.com yet on the beginning of his radio program on the website he uses Kahsay Berhe’s famous song as an opening for the program. What a clown! This only goes to shows the true hypocritical nature of these agents that do not have any ethical standard.

Society can only achieve its goals be it in economy or technology as a direct result of organisation with clear leadership, vision, and organic idea. This is why we were able to win our struggle and integral to this is that our leadership was organic from with in Eritrea that was not imposed by foreign powers/agents.

What we are witnessing of these agents that have sold their soul is truly disgraceful and will leave a very bad scar in our history. When we are talking about a country and about a peoples organisation it simply means that we are talking about national security and national interest and this is not an issue that should be taken lightly! We are talking about millions of lives, and thousands of our golden martyrs.

So if it is about national security and national interest how can any sensible Eritrean collaborate or get support from woyane or any other foreign force in our internal affairs?

Achievements on economy, education, health, and other sectors can only be possible only with strong organisational capacity with your people together with strong unity, clear vision, leadership, and organisational philosophy that is in line with the national charter.

The PFDJ is the highest organisation of the Eritrean people that has the responsibility of building a nation, and this organisation took a long process and sacrifice. The peoples front paid a sacrifice in winning the struggle inside and outside and center of this organising the Diaspora in particular was our unique festival that started in Bologna Italy.

The Eritrean festivals that take place worldwide are a continuation of this, which insure that the Eritrean Diaspora maintains its organisation. Today more than ever we should stay vigilant and nullify these agents that are threatening your identity, and mine so it doesn’t get personal than this!

The Peoples Front (PFDJ) in the last 20 years of independence has been working on the realisation of fulfilling the needs of the Eritrean people constantly focusing on national interests. In Eritrea there could not be an organisation that could only serve the interests of the few, but rather an organisation of the Eritrean people that works for national interest, and this is part of the long political culture of the front that has been developing since the days of struggle for independence.

The Eritrean people and government has come a long way because it is a peoples organisation led by the people for the people, and we all owe much of our wisdom and intelligence to the peoples front. The organistion has been continually working hard in making its members embrace critical thinking, and also building a resilient Eritrean population that is strong, conscious and patriotic that will never compromise on NATIONAL SECURITY!

Each chapter of the Eritrean history has had its own betrayers, and those that we witnessing today are nothing new. Just to name a few below are a list of them that have all drained to bottom of society. All along the peoples front has been shining bright liberating and building Eritrea that is united.

* Mahber Andenet: Eritreans that were corrupted by the Ethiopians during the reign of Hailesilassie, these were the ones that were calling for unity with Ethiopia mainly with sold out with money and power. The measures that were taken on Eritreans ranges from not getting a job to not getting a funeral service in the orthodox churches if you are not a member of Mahber Andenet.
* Netche Lebash: Mostly Tigrignya speakers that grew up in Eirtrea, but originaly from Tigray in Ethiopia impersonating as Eritreans. These were paid agents by Ethiopia with the aim of killing and distabilasing the social fabric in Eritrea. Their tactics included putting poison in water wells, and direct assignations of active conscious youth of Eritrea.
* Wedo Geba: Very few Eritreans that were not able to handle the sacrifice and pressure of the Eritrean revolution that gave in to the Derg passing vital information about the front. They went on to be trusted agents of Ethiopian military Junta with the mission to terrorise, destabilise and therefore weaken the Eritrean struggle for independence by means of killing thousands of Eritrean youth including families. Highly known for this notorious acts of barbarism are Tekhle Aden, and Daniel Ghebrekhidan who is the brother of Assefaw Ghebrekhidan (AKA paltalk nick name Hawileito) who was one of the main organisers of the anti Eritrean UK Festival Demonstration in London, and involved in recruiting innocent youths.
* Jihadist based in Ethiopia Sponsored by Weyane: These groups were coming from Ethiopia, Saudi, Yemen and faraway places like Afghanistan to impose their version of Islam on the tolerant and visionary Eritrean Muslims. Even though these externally financed terrorist groups killed some innocent European tourists and experts in Semenawi bahri and Gash Barka, because of the determination and vigilance of the government and the people of Eritrea they were not able to penetrate Eritrean society and distabilise the country. To mention some names from the terrorist groups who were also part of the anti Eritrean UK Festival Demonstration in London were Harakat Al Jihad Al Islami Al Eretri (EIJM) that is a well known terrorist organisation and is a member of the Ethiopian based Alliance. London representatives include Idris Hemud and Showkie.
* Militia Sernay: These are few Eritreans that were provided with grains in exchange to fight with their brothers and sisters by the Ethiopians. Also amongst others included Ras Geze, and other minor groups.

Who let the dogs out this time?

In this stage of the Eritrean chapter we have the latest recruits of Weyanes agents that are more than 35 different so called political organisations all part of the Eritrean Alliance financed and based in Ethiopia. In reality they are not political organisations as some of them only consist of 4-5 individuals, each of these so called organisations vary from ethnicity to religion and are each tasked by Weyane to create division in every part of the Eritrean society along religious and ethnic lines. The most disturbing fact is that each of them are controlled and run by woyane themselves that know the Eritrean history opening up old wounds to destroy Eritrea as a whole!

Coordinating these paid agents in London is the Ethiopian Diplomat who is the Head of Political Affairs at the Ethiopian Embassy in London Mr Berhane Fisseha W/Selassie. Amongst his other activities include Amaniel Eyasu’s radio station and website assenna.com that is financed and coordinated through the same person.

Mr Berhane Fisseha W/Selassie direct role in the Eritrean UK Festival Demonstration in London was to organise and pass strict order reminding them that he needs results for the job they are getting paid for. He was also responsible for the promotion of the demonstration on Ethiopian television, his main mission through the paid agents was to humiliate and harass the participants of the Eritrean festival, which consisted of elders, family and children by the means of aggression and verbal abuse as they entered that festival premises.

The demonstration that was unbelievably exaggerated only managed to get 60 sold out souls from London Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, and most of all there were Tigrayans of Ethiopian origin amongst them. The main focus should not be the innocent youth that are being blackmailed for the purposes of getting residency papers in the UK, but rather the key agents paid by the woyane to do the dirty job. So who are those people perpetrating criminal acts against the Eritrean people?

* Asefaw Ghebrekhidan (London)
* Daniel W/tensaie (London) Woyane Commissioner in UK
* Bereket Kahsai (Sheffield) Woyane Commissioner in UK
* Amanuel Eyassu (London) assenna.com Sponsored by Woyane
* Selam Kidane (London) Sponsored by NED
* Kemal Mohamed Omer (London) Jihadist
* Hassen Ibrahim (London) Jihadist
* Saleh Ali Ahmed (London) Jihadist
* Ibrahim Mohammed Nur (London) Jihadist
* Abdu Abdella (London) Jihadist

Also detailed background on the desperados can be found on the following link


Most participants of the festival were extremely angered by the acts of this few agents that have now crossed the line to unleash their thuggish behavior, they demanded their names and their place in society to be exposed in the open. It has been long time since Eritreans world wide have became targets of these few minorities that are waging a psychological warfare serving as an assessor to foreign powers.

If you are to defeat a nation or a strong society then the target is always the chain between the people and popular peoples movement and this is why the peoples front and especially Eritreans in the Diaspora have once more become a target.

The Eritrean society has always been known for its hard work and has developed a model of working with its people and with in its country no matter the situation. This working model more than ever is being transferred to the next generation, as an Eritrean youth you should become a participant of the struggle to overcome challenges. Otherwise any one outside this working model will end up becoming an accessory to foreign powers/agents and end up in a drain like those betrayers that have been listed above.

The festival organising committee has to now take a legal action against those criminals that have been verbally abusing, physically assaulting, vandalising up to eight vehicles of the festival participants, and even going as far as setting off the fire alarms to spread fear in the venue that was packed full of children. Although during the day of the London demonstration six criminals have been arrested the Eritrean community would like to see justice being served, in this effort the Haringey police and the Diplomatic Protection Corp could be provided with video footage and personal witness of the criminal acts.

At the same time I would also like to congradulate the organizing committee and the staff for their professional handling of the situation, and also really enjoyed the beautiful festival with all the children program, Eritrean Professionals, Saho Afar Cultural Shows, Exhibitions by the young and upcoming artists, and most importantly the hugely educational seminar by Mr Zemhret Yohannes.

“Lomi bekelte egrena deew eilna, waga edaga zeyetew merihenet weninena, kedem equa aykealuna ab sahel tekhebibna!”

As the famous Eritrean saying goes “Today we are standing on our two feet, owning a leadership that can not be found on the market of corruption and greed, our enemies could not even defeat us back then when we were cornered in Sahel!”

Even know we defend our nation, with our voice and deeds, we are here for you Eritrea!

Again I will repeat myself, today more than ever we should stay vigilant and nullify these agents that are threatening your identity, and mine so it doesn’t get personal than this!

Zerai Solomon

London UK