Cataract surgery on 145 nationals

Eye surgery for cataract was conducted at Afabet Hospital on 145 nationals from Afabet, Nakfa, Qrora and Adobha subzones, reports indicate.

According to Erina, eye treatment activities have been conducted in the hospital for the last 10 consecutive days starting on July 3 and that 629 nationals were treated.

Dr. Bemnet Tesfalidet, ophthalmologist at the hospital, said that residents of the area were forced to travel far and wide to get eye treatment and thus it was decided to conduct eye treatment and surgeries in Afabet hospital.

Nurse Tesfalem on his part stating eye treatment services being provided in Afabet Hospital has saved residents from unnecessary expenses and indicated that the number of patients getting treatment has increased significantly.

Beneficiaries on their part expressed their gratitude for the services being provided in their area.

The Medical Director of Afabet Hospital Nurse Asrat Amine on his part said that similar eye surgeries will be performed on 137 nationals in the near future