Book on poetic oral tradition inaugurated

A 544-page book on poetic oral tradition of Eritrean highlanders comprising 350 impromptu poems of 35 renowned orators was inaugurated yesterday.

Speaking at the ceremony in which a number of government officials and traditional poets were present, Mr. Solomon Tsehaye, the author, explained that the writing process was a taxing job. “The fact that it is related to a highly regarded legacy compelled me to put every energy of mine towards finalizing it, and I call on every citizen to extend a helping hand towards keeping intact such cultural values,” he said.

Mr. Elias Amare indicated that the book demanded a 10-year intensive research work, and asserted that it would be of major importance in Eritrean literature. Likewise, Abba Girmai Abraha elucidated the way the book conveys cultural values, including that of social harmony.

“This is a reputable classic work in Tigrinya literature.” Mr. Hailemichael Misgina added.

A number of impromptu poems were presented by experts on the occasion, besides cultural shows.