Annual Eritrean Festival in Switzerland hold in Bern

Graced by the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Osman Saleh, nationals residing in Switzerland enthusiastically conducted annual festival on 20 July in Bern.

The festival featured seminars on the objective situation in the homeland, as well as various cultural and artistic performances, and sports competitions.

At a seminar conducted, the guest of honor, Mr. Osman Saleh stating that a new era of hopeful prospect is prevailing in the region thanks to the resilience and steadfastness the people and Government of Eritrea demonstrated, indicated that diplomatic engagement is being conducted with neighbors and with other countries in the region and beyond to strengthen partnership and all-round cooperation.

Commending public participation and steadfastness in realizing the prevailing peace and cooperation agreements, Minister Osman called on nationals abroad to equip themselves with skill and profession and strengthen contribution in the national development drives.

Mr. Adm Osman, First Secretary at the Embassy of Eritrea in Switzerland on his part, said that the festival that was conducted for the first time attests to the strong unity and love of country of Eritreans in Switzerland and called strengthening organizational capacity and sustainability of the annual festival.