Tour Eritrea to start on Saturday

Tour Eritrea to start on Saturday

The Cycling Federation announced that Tour Eritrea 2017 will start on Saturday 15 April under the theme “Tour of Friendship and Competence”.

In the Tour which is 2.2 of UCI category, the national teams from Eritrea, Rwanda, Sudan and the Republic of South Africa as well as Eri-Tel, Sembel, Asbeco, Baike-Aid, Amore-Vita and Global local teams will participate.

According to the organizers the tour will start with the 1.2 category classic race “Fenkil Challenge” from Foro to Ghinda and “Massawa Circuit” inside Massawa and will have four stages. The tour that will be held from 15 to 23 April will cover 1019 kilometers.

It is to be recalled that in the Tour Eritrea 2016 members of the Eritrean national team Merhawi Goitom, Micael Habtom, Tesfom Okbamariam and Yonas Fesehaie won the overall classification, “Fenkil Challenge”, “Massawa Circuit” and “Asmara Circuit” respectively.

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