Ambassadors visit Asmara Art Deco buildings

Ambassadors visit Asmara Art Deco buildings


Ambassadors of various countries who presented work credentials to President Isaias Afwerki on 18 April have on the evening hours of the same day visited Asmara Art Deco buildings.

The ambassadors observed various art-deco buildings of Asmara including cinemas, Fiat Tagliero, Mosques and Churches, the central office of postal services and other building complexes.

Eng. Medhanie Teklemariam from Asmara Cultural Heritage office, said that efforts are being made to register the Asmara art deco buildings in UNESCO World Heritage list and the final result is expected to be announced in July 2017. The recent visit of the Ambassadors from various countries is to enable them have a good understanding of Asmara’s heritages, Eng. Medhanie noted.

The Ambassadors on their part expressed that the buildings they have observed are exceptional assets of the country.

Exhibitions have been staged in 16 cities of 9 countries and Asmara world heritage appeal document has been signed by visitors in a view to place Asmara in the UNESCO World Heritage list

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